The Integrative Health Coaching Approach to Care: A Path Forward | Product


In the United States, six in 10 adults are grappling with a chronic disease. As practitioners are increasingly inundated with patient demand, there has been a growing amount of research demonstrating patients are not getting the care they need. Enter integrative health coaching, an evolving field that can fill the gap between practitioners and patients. Integrative health coaches are not doctors; and do not take on that role. They are here to gently guide and serve the patient or client and help them clarify and move towards their health goals. Integrative coaches help support patients and clients in implementing practitioner treatment plans. This e-book includes interviews with several integrative health coaches about their experience and approach, as well as new developments in this profession.

Included in this resource:

  • Differentiating integrative health coaching from health and wellness coaching
  • The integrative health coach approach
  • Understanding behavioral change
  • Credentials and education requirements
  • Finding a niche
  • Building the case for health and wellness coaching
  • Collaborating with other integrative practitioners
  • The evolution of integrative health coaching
  • Considerations on becoming an integrative health coach
  • The health and wellbeing coaching process
  • A step-by-step coaching perspective

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