The Technology-Engagement Triad: The Practitioner, Wearable Technology Apps, and The Patient | Product


Presented by: Steven Feyrer-Melk, PhD, M.ED

Integrative Medicine is based on a personalized approach that empowers patients and practitioners to collaborate on a path of optimal health. Harnessing the power of Lifestyle Medicine in concert with advancements in health-related technologies is critical for innovative, “whole-person” care. Moreover, in our quest to be forward thinking as well as at the cutting-edge, integrative practitioners must recognize and properly integrate patient-facing technologies, many of which are already in the hands of those with whom we engage.

Therefore, to effectively leverage technology for the enhancement of patient health, one must gain an understanding of where we are now, what trends we can expect, and where we are going in the future as we embrace the positive contribution of technology in the integrative medicine practice.