The Microbiome: The Link Between Nutrition and Pain | Product


Proper nutrition is essential to overall health and wellbeing. It’s no surprise that what we eat can influence chronic pain. Whenever we eat, we change our body’s chemistry, which can either increase inflammation or decrease inflammation. It all starts with food.

The microbiome has a profound effect on the inflammation and immune systems and our mood. We are what we eat, or, more specifically, we are what we ingest, digest, and absorb. The microbiome has a key role to play in this process.

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

·        Review the role of microbial diversity and its impact on overall health and the development of pain.

·        Identify dietary strategies that can be used as an effective treatment of chronic conditions, including pain.

·        Describe three ways in which the microbiome affects with our health.