Approaches to Utilizing Clinical Nutrigenomics in Practice | Product


Nutrigenomics is a fascinating, yet complicated, field that many healthcare practitioners are interested in utilizing to find solutions for their patients. However, with the vast amount of information available, the barrier to entry can feel quite high.

Understanding the functional nature of nutrigenomics and how genes interact is paramount in being able to effectively interpret genomic information for your patients.

During this webinar, practitioners will learn:

  • To enhance their understanding of nutrigenomics
  • Approaches to utilizing genomic information to inform the art and science of clinical decision making
  • How to strategically assess SNP data from the perspective of common chief complaints and provide personalized reports and recommendations for their patients
  • Practical approaches to analyzing big data and how tools, such as GenomicInsight™ with Opus23 Explorer™, can be used to find solutions for your patients