Davinci Laboratories recognized for leadership in naturopathic medicine

Davinci Laboratories

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) selected DaVinci Laboratories as the recipient of the Corporation of the Year award for outstanding service to the naturopathic medical profession at the recent AANP Convention and Exhibition in Portland, Oregon, according to a press announcement earlier this morning.

“DaVinci Laboratories has an impressive history of leadership,” said Lauren Farr, executive director of AANP, in the statement. “Their enthusiastic support of the events, organizations, and activities in the naturopathic industry is remarkable.”

The award recognizes one company for exceptional leadership in delivering high-quality products and services to physicians and consumers, as well as the promotion of goals, activities, and functions of the AANP and the profession. Each recipient stands above their peers in terms of the quality of their products and overall commitment to the industry, AANP representatives said.

“We couldn’t be more humbled and excited about this incredible honor,” said Tammy Johnson, director of the DaVinci Human Division. “Our company owes a debt of gratitude to the naturopathic community... Without their partnership and support, we would never be as successful as we are.”