Integrative Practitioner Digital Summit
September 19, 2023 – Mind-Body Medicine

Biocidin Sponsored Session: The Gut-Brain Connection: Exploring the Science Behind Mental Wellness

2:00PM-3:00PM Tuesday September 19, 2023

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Research continues to show a strong relationship between the gut, brain, and mind. Understanding this connection can provide insights into our mental well-being. Dr. Shawn Manske, Assistant Director of Education for Biocidin Botanicals, will explore the intricate communication network between the gut and the brain, highlighting the role of the microbiome and the gut-brain axis.  

Learning Objectives:

  • The complex interplay between the gut, brain, and mind
  • How gut health influences brain function, cognition, and emotional well-being
  • Using botanicals, nutrients, and dietary interventions to nurture a healthy gut
  • How lifestyle changes and stress management impact the gut microbiome
Patricia Selassie, ND

Shawn Manske, ND, Assistant Director of Clinical Education

[email protected] 

Shawn Manske, ND, is the Assistant Director of Clinical Education for Biocidin Botanicals, supporting clinical education, research, and product development. He brings experience in both clinical practice and practitioner education to his role. Dr. Manske grew up in Ontario, Canada, and graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. He has worked in private clinical practice focusing on GI dysfunction, autoimmune disease, and cardiovascular disease. Based in Western New York, Dr. Manske is also an experienced educator in the botanical supplements industry.