Integrative Practitioner Digital Summit

The GI Microbiome and Autoimmunity – What Are the Connections, and Do They Matter?

There simply is no longer any doubt that the gut microbiome is central to the health or disease state of the host.  This is no longer a concept or hypothesis discussed amongst functional and integrative practitioners but has now become amongst the hottest areas of conventional medical research.  However, with all of these studies coming out daily, do you feel comfortable in leveraging this new information at the point of clinical care?  Does this data really affect your clinical and diagnostic decisions or how you treat your patients and clients?  This session will bring the experience of a leading functional medicine physician who has had inside access and insight into the evolution of gut microbiome testing, research, and clinical application to you in this exciting program that will clinically apply this emerging understanding into your clinical practice paradigm.

Educational session sponsored by Diagnostic Solutions Lab, LLC

Diagnostic Solutions Lab, LLC


Speaker: David M Brady, ND, DC, CCN, DACBN, IFMCP, FACN

Dr. Brady has 30 years of experience as an integrative practitioner and over 25 years in health sciences academia. He is a licensed naturopathic medical physician in Connecticut and Vermont, is board certified in functional medicine and clinical nutrition, a fellow of the American College of Nutrition, and completed his initial clinical training as a doctor of chiropractic. Dr. Brady has been the chief medical officer of Designs for Health, Inc. and also currently serves as the chief medical officer for Diagnostic Solutions Labs. He was the long-time vice president for health sciences and director of the Human Nutrition Institute, and continues to serve as an associate professor of clinical sciences at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. He has appeared on the plenary speaking panels of some of the largest and most prestigious conferences in the field, including: IFM, ACAM, A4M, ACN, IHS, AANP, AIHM, and many more. He is in clinical practice at Whole Body Medicine in Fairfield, CT, specializing in functional, nutritional, and metabolic medicine. He has published a multitude of scientific papers and textbooks related to fibromyalgia, autoimmunity, and gastroenterology and is a featured contributing author in the medical textbooks Integrative Gastroenterology (Mullin, G) and Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients (Kohlstadt, I). His latest book, The Fibro-Fix, was released by Rodale in June of 2016.