Integrative Practitioner Digital Summit

New immune function tests to assess immune age, systemic chronic inflammation (CSI) and design therapy

Roger Deutsch, founder of Cell Science Systems, provides in-depth information on new functional cellular immune tests for assessment of Immune Age and Systemic Chronic Inflammation (SCI).

You will take home the following learning points

  1. The roles of the innate and adaptive branches of the immune system in health and disease and newly discovered mechanisms of immune-mediated tissue damage.
  2. The reason females have less severe outcomes from Covid but suffer more from autoimmunity.
  3. How new tests, developed and offered exclusively from CSS, for assessment of immune age and chronic inflammatory burden, can be utilized in integrative practices to strengthen and balance natural immunity.
  4. The interpretation of functional immune cell testing to guide eating and nutritional supplementation that limit inflammation and enhance balanced immunity.
  5. How the ancient Vedic concept of karma relates to our current understanding of epigenetics.

Immune dysfunction and senescence compromise normal physiologic function, suppress the ability to repair damage, resist infection and protect against neoplastic development. At the same time, over-activation of the innate immune system drives autoimmunity, metabolic diseases, and a host of other disorders.

There is a great need for lab tests that can assess immune function (Immune-Age) and systemic chronic inflammation (SCI) and reliably identify patient specific foods and nutrients for strengthening immunity whilst avoiding triggers of chronic inflammation.

New mechanistic understandings of the role of foods, including the role of cell free DNA, in moving toward immunologic balance, and data from recent clinical and mechanistic studies of the ALCAT test for food and chemical sensitivities, performed at Yale School of Medicine, Georgetown University, University of Leipzig, and other institutions will be presented. Newly offered functional immune response tests will be described and their use in clinical practice discussed.

Roger Deutsch

Speaker: Roger Deutsch

Roger Deutsch is the CEO and Founder of Cell Science Systems and PreviMedica Group, LLC, a nutrition telehealth consulting firm.  He is also the CEO of Cell Science Systems, GmbH, Potsdam, Germany.

Roger is one of the modern-day pioneers of food and chemical sensitivity testing with involvement in this field since 1986.  He has been responsible for the development of the ALCAT Test. He is the co-author of Your Hidden Food Allergies are Making You Fat, has written numerous articles and given many lectures on the topic of food sensitivity, inflammation and aging on all continents.

Roger began his professional career as world class international oil broker, co-founding the largest and most successful firm in the world. However, he left this lucrative career in order to pursue studies in allergy and natural healing because he himself was a life-long sufferer of allergies.  He was attracted to the potential of the ALCAT Test when introduced to it in 1986.  He then switched careers and further developed and validated the technology through collaborations with leading research institutions like Georgetown University, University of Leipzig, Sheba Hospital University Clinic, Yale School of Medicine, London University, and others.

He studied Psychology at CW Post College, Natural Sciences at SUNY Purchase and Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Int’l. College of Oriental Medicine (UK) He enjoys reading history and science, ocean swimming, and travel.  Roger also became a certified teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique in 1972 and is a major donor to charities that provide free education and free hospital care to poor people in rural India.