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Integrative Practitioner, an educational content site serving the interdisciplinary community of integrative healthcare professionals, seeks practicing providers, researchers, and educators for consistent, written submissions. 

The mission of Integrative Practitioner is to support licensed practitioners and healthcare professionals in advancing integrative medicine by partnering with thought leaders and subject matter experts to provide high quality content in the form of articles, case studies, webinars, reports, podcast episodes, and more. 

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Content of interest includes:

  • Current traditional, integrative, complimentary, and alternative medicine topics (not those supporting old/outdated information). Preference will be given to new scientific advancements, ideas, and ways of thinking.
  • Advanced content on the microbiome and autoimmune diseases
  • Advanced content geared towards naturopathic doctors
  • Specific areas of focus, including the microbiome and gut health issues, nutrigenomics, precision lifestyle medicine, immune health and resiliency, brain health, autoimmune disease and treatments, bio-physical medicine, care for the underserved, diversity and inclusion in integrative medicine, food-related issues, environmental medicine, inflammation, psychedelics, recovering from a pandemic, stem cells, telemedicine, adaptogens and herbal medicine, and circadian rhythms. 

Special consideration will be given to integrative MD, DO, ND, DC, RD, LAc, and DrTCM. All disciplines are encouraged to apply.

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