Breaking News: Joseph Pizzorno, ND receives leadership award at IHSNY18

The Integrative Healthcare Symposium announced the recipient of its 2018 Leadership award, which was presented at the conference during opening remarks earlier this morning.

The Leadership Award recognizes a pioneer whose contributions have shaped integrative healthcare and paved the way for other practitioners. This year, that honor went to Joe Pizzorno, ND. Notable past recipients include Mark Hyman, MD, Mehmet Oz, MD, and Tieraona Low Dog, MD.

Jeffrey Bland, PhD, a close friend and colleague of Pizzorno, surprised attendees at the ceremony and presented the award. "If we talk about a life well lived and what distinguished individuals who go on and do remarkable things, looking at Joe Pizzorno its the lack of fear, that no barrier is too high," said Bland. "Great people do great things by overcoming obstacles, and it's been a privilege to work alongside and know [Pizzorno]."


Pizzorno is a naturopathic physician, researcher, author, and international authority on science-based natural medicine. When patients, professional colleagues, academic institutions, and even two former U.S. Presidents have needed integrative healthcare advice, they’ve all looked to Dr. Pizzorno. Through 12 published books, Pizzorno has expanded his sphere of influence to the general public.

His latest book, "The Toxin Solution", published in early 2017, uses insights from his four decades of clinical experience to illuminate the links between environmental toxins and autoimmune disease, cancer, obesity and more, and then posits solutions in practical, actionable terms.

Pizzorno’s commitment to sharing knowledge began as early as 1978, when he founded Bastyr University. Since then, he has become the editor-in-chief of PubMed-indexed Integrative Medicine: a Clinician’s Journal (IMCJ), and currently serves on several prestigious boards including the Institute for Functional Medicine, as treasurer; American Herbal Pharmacopeia; Hecht Foundation; Gateway for Cancer Research; and Bioclinic Naturals. He has also served on two Presidential commissions focused on the integration of natural medicine into the U.S. healthcare system.

At the conference today, Pizzorno will present Environmental Toxins and Neurodegeneration. 

"This is an incredible honor," said Pizzorno. "I'd like to thank my colleagues for helping bring science back natural medicine. That's what brought natural medicine back into the mainstream. "