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Integrative Practitioner Staff publishes content from contributors whose work is educational, informative, and relevant to the professional development of integrative healthcare practitioners. The content is intended to benefit the practitioner, their patients, and their practice. Integrative healthcare practitioners and professionals across all disciplines are encouraged to submit content ideas to [email protected].

March 31, 2017
calculator-178127_1920by Glenn Sabin, Founder of FON Consulting

During a recent call with a prospective client—a solo practitioner orthopedic surgeon looking to develop… Read More
March 31, 2017
cannabis-2152604_1920Cannabis, though widely used for medicinal purposes around the world, remains controversial. However, the integration of cannabis in oncology and… Read More
February 10, 2017
diabetes-777001_1920Maintaining glucose, or blood sugar, levels is the key to managing type 1 and type 2 diabetes. While glucose levels vary throughout the day, a… Read More
February 1, 2017
alarm-clock-1842652_1920by Lena D. Edwards, MD, ABOIM, ABAARM, FAARM, FICT

Optimal function of all cellular and metabolic processes requires an intact circadian clock system… Read More