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Integrative Practitioner Staff publishes content from contributors whose work is educational, informative, and relevant to the professional development of integrative healthcare practitioners. The content is intended to benefit the practitioner, their patients, and their practice. Integrative healthcare practitioners and professionals across all disciplines are encouraged to submit content ideas to [email protected].

June 28, 2017
980xAcupuncture is becoming a more widely-used technique in alternative medicine. But the practice has received mixed reviews in two new studies from… Read More
June 15, 2017
labyrinth-2037286_1920by Glenn Sabin

In 2012, I wrote a piece describing the integrative health community as being one camp comprising many tents. The article discussed… Read More
June 8, 2017
handshake-2056023_1920by Glenn Sabin

When it comes to persuasion, Greek philosopher Aristotle set the gold standard in 350 BCE. Aristotle’s modes of persuasion have… Read More
May 22, 2017
communication-1991850_1920by Glenn Sabin

Craft all the fancy copywriting and tight messaging you like. It’s helpful.

Create elegant brochures highlighting your professional… Read More