Alison Rose Levy

Alison Rose Levy

Alison Rose Levy is a journalist who has been in the major media for over twenty years. For two decades, she has covered the wide range of areas that affect health, such as food, the environment, health care, health science and research, activism, media and marketing of health, treatments, public policy, regulation, and legislation, and the health, drug, food, agricultural, and energy industries.

Alison hosts the radio program Connect the Dots on the Progressive Radio Network, featuring interviews with leading researchers, scientists, environmentalists, health experts, and authors. You can join Alison's Facebook page, Connecting the Dots for community, caring, insight, news, activism, and radio shows.

Formerly, a magazine Senior Health Editor, a prime time CBS News Producing Editor, a producer of PBS Public Affairs specials, and a documentary film producer for the Smithsonian Institution, Alison is the author of the book, What Ails Thee? The Forces Driving America's Health Decline and has co-authored and written numerous health books, with health experts and scientists, including two New York Times bestsellers. She offers the free health and environmental insight and action ezine, the Health Outlook via her website,

October 17, 2018
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August 8, 2018

As policy changes affecting the food supply now occur more rapidly, it’s increasingly necessary to update health recommendations based on

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