Memory ImpairmentFrom Mitochondria to the Spoken Word: Important Brain Herbs for Maximum Memory Impact

presented by Michael Greer, MD

This presentation will provide a clear understanding of memory impairment that will too often advance to dementia and Alzheimer’s. Remedies are available to forestall this occurrence. This presentation provides practical insight and relevance for today’s active baby boomers who have been determined to be at the greatest risk for dementia and subsequent Alzheimer’s.

Recorded: February 2015

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover instructional anatomy for brain mitochondia and synapses in the Extra Cellular Matrix
  2. Determine mechanisms of cytokine and Interleukin action at the mitochondrial level that will determine the result of brain function
  3. Study 10 Key Herbs and Nutrients that will impact the survival of brain mitochondria
  4. Learn positive recommendations to forestall dementia and Alzheimer’s