Symptoms of TraumaLarge Scale PTSD is increasingly becoming a part of our life in the US as a result of the experiences of people who come here from other countries as well as through those who return from wars abroad or have suffered as a result of terrorism and natural disasters. While some people appear to be more susceptible to PTSD, it is still important to recognize that PTSD as a normal response to an utterly abnormal situation.

In shattering all our beliefs and ideas, our bodily integrity, the structures which defined and anchored us, trauma can create the space for a new identity and growth to a more integrated self. Symptoms of trauma and of post-traumatic stress disorder are important to recognize in order to initiate the healing process.

Learn more about trauma, transformation, post-traumatic stress disorder, and the mind-body approach in the 2013 Integrative Healthcare Symposium recorded presentation with James Gordon, MD. Stream the full recorded presentation today.