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The Science & Practice of Meditation
presented by Richard Horowitz, MD  

This session will discuss several different meditation techniques that can effectively be integrated into our lives to help relieve both our own and our patients suffering. Simple techniques of Calm abiding meditation, mindfulness meditation, and Mahamudra meditation will be shared, in group practice settings. The scientific basis for meditation as well as the Buddhist understanding of the nature of mind and how to use meditation to discover its basic essence will be discussed, as well as ways to work with the difficult emotions that arise in everyday life and medical practice. Download The Full Presentation  *for a limited time


/uploadedImages/MARYBOVE_rgb.jpgFree Live Webinar: Foundations of Herbal Medicine - Module 3
Meet the Active Constituents of Herbs; Phyto-Compounds

Presented by: Dr. Mary Bove
When/Time: May 12, 4:00pm EST

Understanding the actions and mechanisms involved in the medicinal active constituents of plants can give a clinican insight into understanding and choosing a therapeutic herbal medicine. This module will cover the major active constituents of medicinal plants, general medicinal actions associated with phytochemical groups, cautions and concerns, along with herbal examples of each specific active constituent covered.

**Note: you must register for each of the 4 modules individually. This is module 3 of 4.  

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Gain the Whole Perspective  

Make plans to attend the upcoming Integrative Healthcare Symposium focus on: the microbiome taking place October 9-10 in Hollywood, Florida. Learn from leading speakers and take a deeper look into the topic of microbiome and how it  impacts you and your patients. Visit the EVENT SITE today to learn more.



Botanical Healing for Arthritis

With an aging population, fronted by the “baby boomers,” we are likely to see an even greater demand for anti-inflammatory and painkilling interventions in the near future.

The problem is that most over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription drugs are highly dangerous when used long term, which is the very nature of the conditions many people face. Whether they are dealing with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), osteoarthritis (OA), past injuries, or work-related wear and tear, reducing pain and protecting the joints are an ongoing issue.

And this is urgent business. Deaths from painkillers have tripled in the past decade.1 The reliance on synthetic COX-2 inhibitors has led to a dangerous cycle of dependence on medicines that only offer temporary relief at a high price to health. That is why it is critical for practitioners and all of those involved in the natural health field to promote a viable, effective, and safe alternative.

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