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Integrative Nursing Support Groups for Mothers and Children Living in Poverty
presented by
Dorothy Larkin, PhD, RN; Toni Russo, RN; Abby Robin, MSN, CNS

This session will describe a pilot partnership project of Hope Community Services and the Clinical Nurse Specialist Master's program of The College of New Rochelle. Three advanced practice holistic nurses have been providing health promoting support groups for mothers and children living in poverty who utilize the soup kitchen and services offered at the Hope Community Center in New Rochelle, NY. These biweekly support groups were initiated as part of the clinical component for the curriculum requirements in the Clinical Nurse Specialist in Holistic Nursing program at The College of New Rochelle.



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Botanical-and-Nutritional-Compounds-to-Optimize-Neurocognitive-HealthBotanical and Nutritional Compounds to Optimize Neurocognitive Health

Adaptogenic botanicals, an elite group of herbs, promote natural, healthy function and replenish depleted energy reserves that are essential for cognition, positive mood and restorative sleep. Chronic stress, whether environmental, internal or social, has significant impact on our emotional and mental health because of its adverse effect on the neuroendocrine system. Botanical medicines offer a profound alternative or adjunct to pharmaceutical medicines, especially when used in combination with nutrients and natural compounds to support foundational issues and optimize healthy function of cognition and mood.