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Phthalates In The Home Air And Allergic Reactivity In Adults And Children
by Walter Crinnion, ND

A recent article in the National Institue of Envrironmental Health Studies (NIEHS) journal ‘Environmental Health Perspectives’ looked at phthalate exposures and the rates of allergy in the U.S. population. The researchers utilized the NHANES data from 2005 and 2006 which included urinary phthalate samples of 2,325 individuals, as well as information on allergy. For allergen sensitization, the researchers kept track of all the participants who had a positive IGE skin for reactions to animal dander, various molds, grasses, weeds, foods and trees... Read More 


/uploadedImages/Dr  Chasse headshot.jpg Free Live Webinar: Optimizing Fertility with Botanical Medicine*

Speaker: Dr. Jaclyn Chasse, N.D.

Live webinar: September 9, 4pm ET

Rates of infertility have been rising over the last several decades, and today, 1 in 8 couples is struggling to conceive. While couples frequently choose to pursue technologically advanced approaches like IVF, herbal medicine provides a rich toolkit to support optimal fertility for both men and women.

This webinar will provide listeners with the top herbs to support fertility including herbs to address the most common menstrual cycle issues, support sperm health, nutritionally support egg and sperm, and support healthy implantation. We will also discuss herbs that require caution when using in patients trying to conceive.*

Herbs to be discussed include: Vitex, hops, black cohosh, ashwagandha, tumeric, tribulus, saw palmetto, green tea.

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Integrative Healthcare Symposium focus on: brain health 

Make plans to attend this two day brain health focus which will provide an objective educational forum to discuss new clinical developments, emerging protocols, best practices and leading edge treatment options. Learn more by clicking here. Early Bird rates end soon, register today!


Sleep Well-Sleep Safely 

Sleep Well, Sleep Safely: An Exploration of the Importance of Sleep and Botanical Alternatives to Conventional Hypnotics

An estimated 10 percent of U.S. adults take conventional sleep medication for poor sleep. But recent data indicates that these conventional hypnotics are associated with increased risk of mortality. So when someone suffers from insomnia, how can they get the sleep they need, without the harsh effects of conventional sleep aids?

Herbal remedies provide a therapeutic strategy of sleep support that relies upon the restoration of circadian rhythm in concert with sedative neurological tonification. Several key botanicals provide safe and effective sleep support. Learn what they are in this informative whitepaper.

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