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Depressive DisordersHealing Depression and Integrative Depression Care

presented by Peter Bongiorno, ND, LAc

Depressive disorders affect almost 10 percent of the North American adult population age 18 and older in a given year, and about 25 percent of adults will have a major depression episode. It is projected that depression will be the second most burdensome disease after heart disease by 2020. Antidepressant medications are the most prescribed medications despite the fact that these have been shown to be no more effective than placebo in mild to moderate depression, the type of depression for which most prescriptions are written.

At no time is an integrative approach more needed for this condition. In this recorded presentation, Dr. Bongiorno offers the tenets from his recent books, five years of research and 11 years of clinical care, to discuss when pharmaceuticals are really appropriate, and when it is safe and beneficial to use natural remedies with conventional care, as well as discuss beneficial and untoward interactions between the two. Dr. Bongiorno also discusses integrated methods to help patients safely wean off of conventional medications and methods to avoid depression relapse.

This lecture briefly outlines the history of the condition, discusses underlying causes (inflammation, poor nutrient status, stress, spiritual concerns, disease, etc.), identifies lab tests proven useful to address underlying causes, and then specifically addresses how to tailor an integrative treatment plan for each individual with depression based on a patient’s particular presentation. This discussion includes an overview of research-based specific dietary, exercise, social circumstances, environmental concerns, as well as spiritual/vocational insights. A survey of well-researched and evidenced based nutrients, botanical medicines, yoga, massage, acupuncture and emotional freedom techniques is also covered.

Recorded: February 2016

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