restoring-balance-and-harmony-to-gut-microbiomepresented by Gerard Mullin, MD and Liz Lipski, PhD, CNS, CCN, BCHN, CFM, LDN

There is an ongoing resurgence of interest in the role of gut microbiota (flora) in health and disease. The gut microbiota are a hidden metabolic organ of bacteria biomass that influence a number of important metabolic functions that are not conducted by the host. Research on the gut microbiome indicates that it regulates metabolism and cell signaling, maintains gut integrity, promotes detoxification and helps with digestion of food.

Dysbiosis occurs when there is an imbalance in the composition of the gut microflora that can lead to poor health. We live in a world out of balance and our diet and lifestyles have led to an epidemic of dysbiosis. Traditionally people kept the digestive system in balance by eating cultured and fermented foods.

This recorded session focuses on the role of the gut microbiome in health and disease. Participants learn about the healthy microbiome, the consequences of dysbiosis and how to reestablish it when out of balance using a functional medicine 5R’s approach emphasizing the role of food as medicine. Topics covered in depth include an overview of dysbiosis and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, probiotics, and prebiotics. Making gut healing foods is simple and effective and something that can be easily taught incorporated in our own lives and in our patient’s lives.

Recorded: February 2014

Learning Objectives:

1. To review the role of the gut microbiome in health and disease
2. To review the role of prebiotics and probiotics in treating dysbiosis.
3. To show the ease of making cultured and fermented foods in a live cooking demonstration.