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The ABCs of BPA

by Karen Malkin, NBC-HWC When it comes to environmental toxins, it’s impossible to cut them out altogether, but it is po [...]

Environmental Toxins and Neurodegeneration editor, Katy Rushlau, interviews Joseph Pizzorno, ND, on environmental neurotoxins becoming [...]

  • Preventing the Effects of Stress

Preventing the Effects of Sustained Physical and Psychological Stress

 The Stress Response and the Role of Adaptogens in Women’s Health  presented by Aviva Romm, MD, CPM A good night’s sleep [...]

  • yoga

How Regular Yoga Practice Benefits Individuals

Studies suggest that regular yoga practice can improve aspects of cognition and quality of life for healthy individuals.

  • Allergic Diseases

Allergic Diseases: The Tip of the Iceberg

One billion people around the world suffer from allergic diseases such as asthma, hay fever, and food allergies. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • oxidative stress

Webinar: How to Manage for Ongoing Oxidative Stress

Many things in our environment and lifestyle promote oxidative stress, including all of the common chemical and heavy metal toxicants.

  • patient genetics

Patient Genetics and Nutritional Risk Factors for Disease, Drug Tolerance and More

Genetics Susceptibility and Targeted Interventions for Genetic Integrity: Individual patient care can be enhanced by exploring genetics and unique individualized genetic expression.

Webinar: How Practical Aspects of Yoga Affect the Nervous System

Review and explore the benefits of the practices of yoga on the nervous system through both practical aspects of yoga asana postures and peer review studies showing the neurological impact of yoga.

  • Lyme Disease

Whitepaper: Lyme Disease and Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome

The Lyme disease epidemic is taking its toll on patients, physicians, and the entire health care system. We need to get better at diagnosing and treating Lyme and its related co-infections. Many cases go undiagnosed, are misdiagnosed or are diagnosed late.

  • Lyme Disease

Symptoms of Disseminated Lyme Disease

The vast majorities of patients have gone undiagnosed with Lyme Disease for long periods of time because of lack of awareness of the clinical presentation of the disease.

The ABCs of BPA