gut-microbiomeThe Gut Balance Revolution

 presented by Gerard Mullin, MD

This recorded program presents a focused review of the role of the gut microbiota in health and disease followed by a series of key experiments that cement the relationship of the gut microbiome to obesity and its metabolic complications (i.e., diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease). Compelling data from the human microbiome project in humans is reviewed along with manipulation of the gut microbiome via fecal transplantation, antibiotics in tandem with diet. Finally, the mechanisms of how gut flora regulate weight balance via metabolism, satiety-appetite, genes, inflammation, endocrine, insulin resistance, intestinal permeability etc. are clearly outlined.

In the second segment of the program, Dr. Mullin defines prebiotics and reviews its application in health and disease. The program presents the role of diet in modulating the gut microbiome and data illustrating the inverse relationship of dietary fiber intake to obesity risk and the associated shifts in the human microbiome. The therapeutic manipulation of the gut microbiome and its ability to alter metabolism and produce weight loss is also presented. Finally, the anti-obesity effects of prebiotics and probiotics in experimental models and in human clinical studies is reviewed. Summary points include recommendations for future studies.

Recorded: February 2016