Over the years, we’ve received a number of inquiries along the lines of “what is an integrative practitioner?” As you may know, we at IntegrativePractitioner.com pride ourselves on being an interdisciplinary resource for all within the integrative medicine community. While this includes medical doctors and osteopathic doctors, it also includes chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, functional medicine doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, homeopaths, herbalists—it’s easy to see why the all-encompassing “integrative practitioner” term gets confusing.

While we want a term that includes everyone in our community, we also want to celebrate the credentials and qualifications of our professionally diverse practitioners. When we name a practitioner on our website, we are completely transparent and include the credential or credentials of the individual after that person’s name. It sounds simple, right?

But, alas, the alphabet soup, as it were, of licenses and certifications can still cause confusion when you’re simply trying to get a glimpse of an individual’s expertise. So, we rounded up the most common credentials you’ll see in our community, as well as a bit of background on each practitioner type.

Did we miss someone? E-mail editor Katherine Rushlau at krushlau@divcom.com to have the credential added to our list.