food-allergy-food-intolerant-patientpresented by Ashley Koff, RD and Robyn O’Brien

The numbers of patients with diagnosed food allergies have increased exponentially in recent decades, and those self-reporting or having integrative tests reveal food intolerances continue to rise at equally staggering levels. Recent numbers include 6 million children with food allergies, that’s a lot of households and schools wondering what can / should we feed these children. The prevalence of food allergies / intolerances leave us all battling the same inescapable question – especially as practitioners who believe “Let Food be thy Medicine” – What do we advise our patients to eat when their allergies and intolerances conflict with our nutrition recommendations? What happens to the rest of the body when we advise eliminating offending foods that otherwise supply nutrients critical for optimal health? What about when that patient is a child, has a chronic disease or is a pregnant woman? This recorded session addresses how to meet nutrition needs for the food allergy / intolerant patient. Combining both strategies as well as specific implementation ideas, the advice offered will help you customize a dietary protocol that goes beyond elimination to promote healing and optimal health for your patient.

Recorded: February 2014

Learning Objectives:

1. The clinician will leave with an understanding of the leading food allergies and intolerances, and how their nutrient profiles can be satisfied from other food sources
2. The clinician will be able to identify three free resources for them and their patients for developing a nutrient-rich allergen-free diet
3. The clinician will understand and be able to communicate to their patient how to develop a nutrient-rich allergen-free eating plan