environmental-influences-on-healthpresented by Susan Luck, RN, BS, MA, HNC, CCN, HWNC-BC; Robert Rountree, MD; Walter Crinnion, ND; and Devra Davis, PhD, MPH

This recorded session explores current research on the environmental influences and exposures and their impact on human health and disease throughout the life cycle. Content experts examine the effects of common exposures in our food supply, air, soil, and water and the impact on neurological, metabolic and hormonal systems. Cell phones and radiation, pesticides, and heavy metal toxicity play a critical role in human health and these effects are explored along with strategies on how to minimize exposures.

Recorded: February 2015

Learning Objectives:

1. Examine the effect of chemicals in the food supply on human health
2. Examine the research on prenatal exposures and future health outcomes
3. Analyze the current research on cell phones on brain health and breast cancer
4. Explore the role of heavy metals both within nature and man-made on the aging process and brain function