improving-clinical-outcomes-by-addressing-neuroendocrine-imbalancespresented by Chris Meletis, ND

This recorded presentation offers an integrated approach to quantifying and resolving individual neuroendocrine imbalances found in both the Endocrine and the Neurological systems, and by doing so, allowing for resolution of co-morbid dysfunction. Dramatic improvement in clinical outcomes can be gained with the strategic identification of endogenous and exogenous disruptors of Neuroendocrine integrated pathways.

Discussed in this presentation is the employing of advanced testing and clinical interventions, which allows for a succinct and easy to employ approach that addresses both the improvements of each individual and the combined performance factors of the neuroendocrine pathways. Utilization of nutraceutical interventions as well and select prescription considerations are also reviewed.

Recorded: February 2013