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The Five-Step Guide to Practice Management

A successful integrative practice puts the patient first. The best results are achieved through seamless collaboration between conventional and alternative medical professionals working to address the patient

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The Role of The Gut Microbiome in Cardiometabolic Disease

The human gastrointestinal system plays a key role in disease and in health. The human microbiome is engaged in a myriad of metabolic, nutritional, and immune processes. In addition, studies increasingly suggest that an individual's gut microflora composition and activity influence both host resiliency and conversely disease development.

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Using Food and Lifestyle Choices to Stabilize and Reverse Neurodegenerative Disease Processes

In this session, Dr. Wahls will explore review the environmental factors that influence the speed of aging and neurodegeneration of the brain. She is the Director of the Therapeutic Lifestyle Clinic at the Iowa City VA and uses diet and lifestyle interventions based upon Functional Medicine and Ancestral Health principles to treat a wide variety of neurological, medical and psychiatric disorders. In addition, she conducts clinical trials using diet and lifestyle to treat multiple sclerosis.

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Inside Out Health: Breakthroughs in the Resolution of Inflammation

Helping a patient resolve a chronic inflammatory condition is one of the biggest challenges a holistic practitioner faces. Even when patients are very compliant with dietary and lifestyle changes and take all the recommended supplements and medications, inflammation can stubbornly persist.

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The Complete IHSNY17 Conference Package is pleased to offer the Complete Conference Package, featuring all session recordings from the 2017 Integrative Healthcare Symposium Annual Conference in New York City.

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The Retina: A Sensitive Barometer of Health and Nutrition

The neurosensory retina is a thin diaphanous structure, no thicker than tissue paper attached to the inner wall of the back of the eye. It is the photographic film of the eye and is a laminated integrated circuit that subserves all aspects of visual perception including high resolution central acuity, motion detection, edge identification, contrast sensitivity, color identification and peripheral vision. 

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