Guide to Integrative Healthcare Credentials & Certifications (2020) | Product


This guide is meant to serve as a comprehensive encyclopedia of credentials and certifications commonly designated by integrative practitioners. We have identified and categorized credentials and certifications that are most relevant to the integrative healthcare industry and taken a step further to define how a practitioner obtains each credential and the scope of practice it affords. Our goal was to create a reference guide to be used by practitioners to analyze qualifications and expertise for hiring, referral, or other professional purposes.

Included in this resource:

  • Over 130 integrative healthcare credential and certifications
  • Detailed entries highlighting what the credential certifies, standards and requirements, scope of practice, accreditation and governance, and continuing education
  • Background information on all license and certification entities, including its headquarters, type of organization, mission, and website, as well as newly added sections on leadership and contact information
  • An updated glossary of terms mapping out medical boards, credentialing agencies, and certification entities as well as common industry terms