Webinar: Enteric Dialysis® – No Longer Fiction, but a Reality!


In 1996, the question originated from Dr. Eli A Friedman’s article, “can the Bowel act as a kidney substitute in advance renal failure?” prior to the discovery of the gut microbiome. The bowel was recognized as an organ in 2004 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Advances in bioinformatics led to further understanding of the human gut microbiome. Exponential advances in technology led to a greater knowledge and understanding of the gut microbiomes’ role in health, and disease. The knowledge gained, lead to further understanding of the term dysbiosis (an imbalance of pathogenic gut bacteria). Now, dysbiosis is universally documented as the prime cause for various diseases. The connection between the gut and CKD became evident with the cover article in the Sept/2012 issue of Kidney International. Followed by, the publication of a similar article in Clinical Kidney Journal in 2015. In 1997 Enteric Dialysis® was transformed from a concept into a reality, by Dr. Ranganathan and his research team at Kibow Biotech Inc. After 20 years of R&D, Kibow has used clinical findings of pro/prebiotics to modulate the gut microbiome to improve clinical outcomes in CKD patients worldwide.