Regulation of the Gut-Brain Axis Through Nutritional Support of the Microbiome


Cognitive impairment encompasses deficiencies in early development as well as age-related neurological decline. Both pathways may be impacted by nutrient deficiencies that suppress neuronal development. While enhancing the diet with supplements would seem to be a simple fix, understanding deficiencies in nutrient absorption lends some clarity as to why this strategy may not solve the problem.

Nutrient absorption relies on healthy bacteria in the digestive tract to support metabolism. Assuming dietary levels are adequate, uptake may be limited due to poor gut health. This webinar will explore the relationship between intestinal bacteria and nutrient absorption as it relates to cognitive health and development.

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify essential nutrients for brain health and development
  • Discuss the gut-brain axis and the microbiome
  • Understand the mechanisms of neuronal deterioration
  • Define how the liver metabolism relates to nutrient absorption