Understanding and Reversing True Causes of Chronic Joint Pain


Many integrative practitioners treat patients experiencing chronic joint pain and related underlying health conditions. By learning to address the real triggers of chronic joint pain, integrative practitioners can make a profoundly positive impact on their patient’s lives, helping them on the road to healing and optimal wellbeing.

This webinar will discuss evidence-informed approaches to address and reverse the root causes of chronic joint pain. This exact framework has a proven track record of thousands of patients over years of clinical practice.

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand physiologic influences of systemic diseases on osteoarthritis development
  • Identify nutritional needs and common deficiencies in osteoarthritis
  • Discuss the most common endocrine abnormalities as they relate to chronic joint disease
  • Review evidence-based nutraceuticals and mechanisms of action in osteoarthritis
  • Examine common regenerative injection therapy options and research outcomes