Whitepaper: Botanical Strategies to Support Metabolic Issues in Midlife Women

January 24, 2016


by: Dr. Tori Hudson, N.D.

Did you know?

    • 1-in-71 women over the age of 50 go undiagnosed with thyroid issues
    • From 20-40, women experience a 50 percent drop in DHEA levels
    • More than 9 million women have type 2 diabetes and nearly a third of those women remain undiagnosed

This whitepaper investigates many of the metabolic changes that occur in women beginning in their 40s and 50s.

Dr. Tori Hudson, N.D.covers a range of metabolic issues including thyroid, adrenal dysregulation, insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity and metabolism during perimenopause and menopause stages; and offers several botanical solutions that address some of these issues and their related symptoms.

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