Dr. Mark J. Pasula

 October 1, 2013 | (Recorded) 

Food sensitivities are a primary source of inflammation and symptoms in IBS, migraine, fibromyalgia, arthritis, ADD/ADHD, autism, obesity, metabolic syndrome and other chronic inflammatory conditions.  Managed properly, it can be one of the most powerful areas of therapy.  Yet despite awareness being at an all-time high and routine ordering of various blood tests to help identify inflammatory foodstuffs, there is still significant confusion related to how food and food-chemicals actually cause inflammation, and which blood tests have the greatest impact in identifying hidden inflammatory foods.

If you are a practitioner looking to better understand the underlying immunology/physiology of food-induced inflammation, this presentation is for you.  This enlightening webinar will provide a clear understanding of the different types of diet-induced inflammation, reconcile their underlying physiology with their corresponding clinical characteristics, and provide attendees with a better understanding of how to identify hidden inflammatory foods.



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Dr. Mark J. Pasula – Research Director, Oxford Biomedical Technologies

Dr. Mark J. Pasula is a distinguished Immunologist and a leading authority on blood testing for adverse food reactions.  His primary focus for over 35 years has been on the development of in vitro technologies designed to uncover hidden inflammatory foods and chemicals, and clinical strategies designed to improve outcomes when diet is playing a role in symptom production.  Dr. Pasula is the author of multiple US and International patents on food sensitivity testing technologies, including his work over 30 years ago when he wrote the first patent on the original ALCAT test.  His latest innovations are the patented Mediator Release Test (MRT) and MRTIII instrument, which utilizes a combination of advanced flow cytometry and the patented ribbon impedance method to provide the most reliable, precise and relevant information regarding food-induced inflammation. Dr. Pasula is a 27 year member of the American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology.