Webinar: How Practical Aspects of Yoga Affect the Nervous System

February 1, 2014

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yoga-544970_1920Stress and Yoga

Presented by: Roberta Lee, MD and Jillian Friedman, E RYT

Each day we are greeted with news blasts and unanticipated chaos which pull us in opposite directions, as though we were swinging from side to side on a pendulum of life.  This acceleration of pace profoundly affects our quality of life and our nervous system. Our reaction to this chaos is to record, preserve, and create landmarks with the illusion of controlling and protecting our fragile worlds.  The desire to make things permanent makes us feel pulled in opposite directions - it both connects us and fragments us.  One solution to find the calm that bridges these opposites can be yoga in its totality – calming the mind, balancing the body and shifting our perspective. This recorded session reviews and explores the benefits of the practices of yoga on the nervous system.  Jillian Friedman will provide and demonstrate the practical aspects of yoga asana postures and Dr. Lee will bring in peer review studies that demonstrate the neurological impact that yoga can bring.

Learning Objectives:

    1. Participants will leave gaining a simple practical routine that they can implement on their own

    1. Learn recent evidence-based clinical benefits of yoga

    1. Understand yoga’s beneficial health effects on the nervous system

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