It is well-known that unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity. With, globalization and adaptation of the Western-style (fast food) diet, obesity has become a global epidemic problem. In turn, obesity causes a wide variety of diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension, etc. which can ultimately lead to renal failure. The cost associated with the treatment of chronic kidney disease has placed a heavy burden on the global healthcare budget. By the time CKD is detected, renal failure has progressed to CKD Stages III or IV, and ultimately leading to Stage V (ESRD) requiring dialysis or renal transplant. In the USA dialysis costs the government’s healthcare budget approximately $35 Billion for about 600,000 patients. Our 20 year old company has been involved in developing a novel probiotic and prebiotic (synbiotic) dietary supplement which helps to maintain healthy kidney function by modulation of the gut microbiome, thus potentially delaying the progression of CKD to Stage V (ESRD). The product Renadyl™ has been developed with a pharma-like validation specifically targeted towards CKD stage III and IV based on the technological concept of “Enteric Dialysis®” for removal of various uremic toxins thus restoring gut dysbiosis. This oral product is safe, efficacious, and easy to use for renal patients worldwide. It can be used in conjunction with any standard care of therapy for CKD applications globally.