Neurological inflammation can be overtly related to things like blunt trauma (concussion), cerebrovascular disease (TIA or Stroke) as well as the insidious accumulation of inflammatory instigators that each of us has daily contact with in a neurologically toxic world. We will discuss liposomally oriented approaches to addressing the acute into chronic manifestations of neurologic injury and degeneration. Our minds are the most powerful healing tool we possess. Our neurologic architecture is the infrastructure that allows our mind/consciousness to project into this world, neurologic inflammation and degeneration is the single biggest threat to the ultimate quality of any of our lives. As our population enters the most advanced average age that we have ever experienced, degenerative neurological conditions are becoming more and more common. Modern medicine has few answers for these conditions; the drug model currently dominating medical intervention strategies is not well suited to most of these conditions. We will discuss how the brain changes itself over time, especially in response to large and small injuries and we will discuss strategies for assisting these neurologic changes in order to ensure the best possible outcomes. The cutting edge of research around neurologic inflammation is highly suggestive that a multifactorial, nutritionally supportive approach to the treatment of neurological degeneration has the best long-term potential. We will discuss the budding nano science of liposomal product development in the marketplace, how to determine quality of those products as well as simple measures that can be employed in an office setting to compound customized liposomal preparations for specific patients. We will also discuss short term and long term strategies for managing neurological conditions of all kinds.