Practitioners share top tips for coping with COVID-19

bongkarn thanyakij/Pexels

1. Morning meditation. Every morning, immediately upon waking, I get out of bed and do a 15-minute meditation. No matter what my schedule is for the day or how rushed I feel in the morning, I do my meditation. It has been powerful to help me cope with the increased stress and anxiety and I feel much calmer throughout the day.

2. Get outside. I walk my dogs every day, no matter the weather, to get more outside time and help with stress management

3. Consider creative ways you can adapt in your practice. I am still working in an acute-care psychiatric setting, so my nutrition groups are now limited to only 10 participants and the furniture has been rearranged to prevent crowding.

4. Connect with patients remotely. I have a small private practice, so I sent a message to every client via my app to check in and encourage my patients to take care of themselves, especially during this time.

5. Find new ways of communicating information. I created a blog for my website on creating a robust immune system, hoping to empower my readers to take control of their health and circumstances.

Kellie Blake, RDN, LD, IFNCP