Whitepaper: Intestinal Permeability—Unraveling the Cause of Chronic Disease

June 15, 2017

bacteria-1521191_1920by Douglas A. Wyatt, J.D., Sovereign Health Initiative

More than 2,000 years ago, Hippocrates said the gut is the basis of all health. Today, researchers are confirming Hippocrates’ idea. More than two thirds of an individual’s immune system depends on his or her gut health. A healthy gut allows a person to both fight disease and extract critical nutrition from food. A leaky gut, a weakened barrier between the molecules in the gut and the rest of the body, can leave a person vulnerable to infections, autoimmune conditions, and malabsorption of nutrients.

Unfortunately, having a leaky gut has become the norm in modern times. As a result, there has been an explosion of chronic illness in industrialized countries. Asthma, autism, arthritis, allergies, and food intolerances are all on the rise. Many researchers attempting to treat this influx of gut-related conditions have proposed medications, plant-based supplements, or antioxidants in hopes of repairing the gut barrier. But instead of looking for a new cocktail of compounds that might patch the gut lining, one company is going back to the root cause of leaky gut to solve it.

Douglas Wyatt, J.D. of the Sovereign Health Initiative proposes bovine colostrum as a more effective and natural treatment for leaky gut syndrome. All female mammals produce colostrum during pregnancy and for a few days following the birth of their infants. It contains a concentrated mixture of antibodies, beneficial bacteria, and other immune-enhancing components that function as the keystone for an infant’s new immune system. Colostrum is crucial to mammals—most animals won’t survive if they don’t receive it. Yet, a large fraction of infants in Western industrialized nations have missed out on colostrum.

In this whitepaper, Wyatt explains the prevalence of immune issues linked to insufficient colostrum intake, how colostrum can be manufactured into supplement form, and the clinical studies that have shown colostrum’s promise to restore health in adults.

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