Evidence-based Strategies to Evoke Human Healing Responses Whitepaper


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Author: Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, CNN

In the whitepaper, “Evidence-Based Strategies to Evoke Human Healing Responses,” functional medicine pioneer and thought leader, Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, CCN, outlines a clinically validated, time-tested approach to vibrant health by removing obstacles to recovery.

The human body is capable of amazing renewal and resilience when obstacles are removed, and this paper offers practitioners simple, actionable approaches they can implement immediately to achieve better clinical outcomes. Through a structured approach to restoring immune tolerance, improving detoxification competences, and reversing nutrient deficits, readers will explore a fundamental rethinking of inflammation and will learn to identify four key opportunities to heal. The paper also describes three simple, inexpensive self-tests that help healthcare practitioners develop better personalized nutrition programs for their clients.