Since 1969, the Klaire Labs name has been trusted to deliver clean, highly effective nutraceutical formulations suitable for even the most sensitive individuals.

Our Philosophy

Our founder Claire Farr was a passionate disrupter. Among the very first to insist on pharmaceutical grade active ingredients, manufactured to minimize allergens, artificial additives, fillers, and flow agents. We strive to honor her legacy in every dose.

Effective potency is multi-faceted. Not simply measured in milligrams or CFU, the measure of a truly potent supplement takes into consideration the clinically effective dosage and the bioavailability of the dose form: two key factors in the formulation of every Klaire Labs product.

Trusted by professionals for half a century, Klaire Labs nutritional supplements consistently empower healthcare practitioners with successful outcomes.

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  • Target gb-X with Ecologic BARRIER: probiotic clinically demonstrated to reduce cognitive reactivity to sad mood, ruminative and aggressive thoughts.

A randomized controlled trial to test the effect of multispecies probiotics on cognitive reactivity to sad mood

January 22, 2018

by Laura Steenbergen, Roberta Sellaro, Saskia van Hemert, Jos A. Bosch, and Lorenza S. Colzato

Clinical Trial: The intestines and brain are intimately connected via the gut-brain axis involving bi-directional neural, endocrine, and immune pathways.

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