Kibow specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative probiotic/prebiotic dietary supplements for kidney health and general wellness to help promote a healthy kidney function for veterinary and human applications. Kibow has two scientifically formulated and clinically validated products on the market: Azodyl®, for cats and dogs with moderate to severe kidney failure (licensed exclusively to Vetoquinol SA, Paris (VETO: EN) since July 2006) and Renadyl™, for humans which has been, proven and tested in clinical studies, to stabilize and/or reduce uremic toxins. Since 2010 Renadyl’s™ unique “enteric toxin reduction” formulation has been marketed via on-line sales and has steadily gained recognition and acceptance among many healthcare providers and kidney failure patients internationally. The technology is based on balancing and stabilization of the “Gut Microbiome” with our proprietary formulation of pro and prebiotics.  Kibow has a registered USPTO trade mark Enteric Dialysis® and 23 approved patents internationally.

Renadyl™ – For Chronic Kidney Disease suitable for all stages and those awaiting kidney transplants

Kibow Flora™ – A multistrain highly specific formulation for boosting intestinal and immune health, particularly, beneficial for the ageing consumer

Kibow Fortis® – A multifiber pro and prebiotic product for natural general wellness, digestive and immune health, satiety and weight management; A single formulation that offers multiple benefits by comparison with most major well-known brands on the pharmacy shelves

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