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Biocidin Botanicals® is a leader in botanical supplements and a pioneer in microbiome health.

Our broad-spectrum botanical blend Biocidin® was formulated in 1989 in response to challenging health conditions related to microbial imbalances.

Today, our complete line of clinically effective, evidence-based products is helping millions of patients achieve vibrant health and wellness through the power of botanicals.

A valued resource for your practice

Biocidin Botanicals® continues to lead the way in functional and integrative medicine innovation, thanks to the expertise of our in-house clinical team and our eight-member Scientific Advisory Board.

To best support your practice and patients, we offer educational content and interactive webinars created exclusively for healthcare practitioners through our Biocidin Academy. In addition, we offer wholesale pricing, product usage protocols, and online consultations through our Biocidin Professional portal.

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September 28, 2020

Organic acids are compounds produced naturally in the human body as a reflection of metabolism and various biochemical reactions. Digestive system bacteria and yeast produce their own organic acids and when elevated can indicate overgrowth scenarios and

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August 24, 2020

Clostridia difficile (C. Diff.) can cause serious digestive system symptoms and disease. This bacterium is known to trigger diarrhea, bloody stools, bowel inflammation, etc. and in some cases death. However, there are other forms of clostridia that can

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July 29, 2020

Digestive health is fundamental to nutrient assimilation and absorption, mucosal immune function, and bowel detoxification. There are many things that can negatively affect digestive function such as food sensitivities, pathogen exposure, bowel

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June 10, 2020

Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) is a chronic digestive disorder affecting millions of individuals worldwide. The problem is that conventional medicine often doesn’t lead to elimination of the disorder. This presentation will explore

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