Advanced Course: The Cellular Signals that Influence the Causes of Autoimmune Diseases and the Pathways to Repair | Product


Presented by: William Seeds, MD

Improved cellular efficiency has the ability to promote favorable outcomes for metabolic, infectious, and autoimmune disease regardless of the etiology. Metabolic flexibility of the cell modulates interaction of cell metabolism and two-way communication with the innate and adaptive immune system. Loss of metabolic flexibility leads to changes in thermodynamic ratios of nucleotide coenzyme couples NAD/NADH,NADP/NADPH,ADP/ATP and AcetylCoA/CoA in the nucleus, mitochondria, peroxisome, and cell cytoplasm disrupting cellular homeostasis. In this presentation, differences between a healthy cell vs. inflamed cell are examined, as well as the relevant pathways of returning to homeostasis.