Randi Drinkwater offers marketing tips for practitioners.

by Randi Drinkwater

Nearly 80 million baby boomers want to live long and physically prosper – and they’re looking to alternative medicine for help. 

So, how can you reach them?

Without information and education, they’ll either continue to accept conventional medicine as the only option or go with the limited information that their family and friends offer.

What’s separating patient/clients and practitioners?   Fear of the “big M word” – marketing.  You may think marketing means high out-of-pocket costs.  Or a lot of time implementing programs which take time away from using your healing expertise and wisdom to help others. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Not any more.

If you are ready to find new clients?  Quickly and easily?  Here are just a few tips – based on 25 years of proven marketing expertise –

Let’s take a look at direct mail…sending something about your practice to a group of potential clients through the US mail service, maybe a letter or a postcard.  There is most definitely a science behind the success of any direct mail program.  While it may seem simple, it is a time-tested formula for getting superior response because it’s done with these basics in mind:

  • List (Who you are mailing too): The more targeted the list of prospects, the better. Remember that free does not necessarily mean good. With 60% of any campaigns’ success riding on the list, this is not the place to cut corners or expenses.Offer (What you will do for them): What you “offer” to the people on your list better be something consumers cannot get anywhere else… a free consultation from you can only be from you. It doesn’t get any more exclusive than that!
  • Creative (How you will package your message): Practitioners must present their offer to the list strategically, so that all of the emotional hot buttons are triggered. The creative is simply the vehicle for getting the right message to the right people.

A final thought on marketing…

Being a gifted healer is table stakes when it comes to building your patient/client base.  People need to know you are out there.  How you optimize your outreach to potential patients/clients so that you can be found, could very well mean the difference between thriving or simply surviving.

The onus lies with each and every practitioner taking an active role in educating consumers on their wellness options.  Then and only then can consumers make informed decisions.

The light is getting brighter everyday.  It is yours for the taking, to do what you do best –as a healer and a successful practitioner.  Let go of the fear of the “big M word” and be guided by its light – fully embracing marketing as friend – in the ever continuing charge to mainstream “alternative” medicine.

About Alternative Growth Streams, Inc.

Alternative Growth Streams, Inc., founded by Randi Drinkwater – a seasoned marketing expert with over 25 years in the industry – provides alternative health practitioners an online marketing solution built exclusively for them.

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