The MindBody Medicine Clinic’s mission is to promote the integration of the physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of human health into medical practice.

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The mission of the UVM College of Medicine’s MindBody Medicine Clinic is to promote integration of the physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of health. The MindBody Medicine Clinic works in close collaboration with the FAHC multidisciplinary Center for Pain Medicine. Experts from the Center and specialists such as nutritionists, psychologists, and others are readily available for consultation. In response to strong evidence supporting the benefits of relaxation techniques and cognitive- behavioral therapy and the increasing demand for such services, the Department of Psychiatry at FAHC offers an 11-week program specifically designed for individuals with chronic pain age 18 and older. The goal of this program is to help patients cope with chronic pain in a way that enhances their quality of life.

Program Structure:

The Management of Chronic Pain Program is an intensive 11-week group program that uses mind/body approaches for the treatment of medical illness. Important features of this program include:

  • Individual initial evaluation
  • Stress management / relaxation techniques
  • Cognitive therapy / communication skills
  • Nutrition / sleep hygiene
  • Body awareness and stretching exercises
  • Patient and family education
  • Medication adjustment for treatment of pain, anxiety, and depression if needed
  • Referrals to Alternative Therapists as appropriate
  • Individual evaluations at the anesthesiology Center for Pain Medicine are available

Patients meet weekly as a group for 90 minutes. Daily homework assignments for the following week are given to practice skills taught at the group meetings. Reports are sent to referring physicians to keep them abreast of their patient’s progress. Treatment efficacy and outcomes are monitored systematically by program staff.

How to Apply:

The Management of Chronic Pain Program is open to outpatients by physician referral. Referrals may be made by contacting:

Kimberly Garret
Intake Coordinator
MindBody Medicine Clinic
Fletcher Allen Health Care
UHC, Arnold 6
Burlington, VT 05401

For an appointment call:
Phone: 802-847-COPE (847-2673)
To FAX patient’s clinical information:
FAX: 802-847-8747

Program Costs:

In most cases, claims will be submitted directly to patient’s insurance carrier. However, because health insurance policies differ, reimbursement may vary. Claims are submitted as outpatient mental health clinic visit, unless otherwise specified.


The MindBody Medicine Clinic’s research projects are developed to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments. One of the MBMC’s objectives is to study the paradigm of self-healing by combining behavioral and meditative techniques with current developments in medicine, neuroscience, and psychotherapy. The MBMC and its personnel aspire to the highest possible scientific standards in assessing the therapeutic modalities employed. The MindBody Medicine Clinic’s research focuses mostly on developing and testing a cost effective, efficient treatment program for the prevention of chronic illness such as chronic pain and obesity and for the prevention of pain medication drug abuse.

Current study: A Telephone Feedback System for Prevention of Chronic Pain Relapse: The purpose of this study is to determine whether a telephone-based self-monitoring and skills review program with personalized therapist feedback following group CST for chronic pain can reduce and prevent relapse of the pain, physical disability, and psychological distress experienced by patients with chronic pain of the muscles and bone. identifier: NCT00266773.

MindBody Medicine Clinic Faculty: Magdalena R. Naylor, M.D. Ph.D. Director Yael Nillni, BA, Ph.D. Candidate Psychology Michael Krauthamer, M.A. Research Project Assistant John E. Helzer, M.D. Psychiatry Michele Comette, B.A. Research Project Director Janet Kahn, Ph.D. Massage Therapist & Research Consultant Michael T. Borrello, M.D. Consultant

Fletcher Allen HealthCare MindBody Medicine Clinic Department of Psychiatry UHC, Arnold 6 1 S. Prospect Street