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Textbook of Functional Medicine
The ideal text for understanding functional medicine. 47 authors; 37 chapters; over 800 pages. Clinicians who have chosen to focus on the management of complex, chronic disease and primary preventive care have not chosen an easy path. This book creates a new road map for improving patient outcomes across a wide range of chronic health conditions. It includes 37 chapters authored by experts from many disciplines whose knowledge has never before been integrated in a single text. The approaches to disease management and prevention described here represent the evolution of the functional medicine model over more than 20 years, through the voices of leading clinicians and scientists.

Read Chapter 1: The Scope of the Problem: Prevalence of Gut-Associated Inflammation and its Impact on Systemic Disease 

Read Chapter 3: Why Functional Medicine? The Importance of Improving Management of Complex, Chronic Disease

Read Chapter 5: Changing the Evidence Model: Functional Medicine and the Emerging Research Base

Read Chapter 31: The Gut-Liver Axis: Genetic and Environmental Influences on Detoxification 

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