The Tai Sophia Institute is supporting the emergence of health coaching for health-care practitioners with a new health coaching program.

Research shows that health education alone is not enough to inspire people to change behaviors and make health-positive choices. As a result, health coaching is emerging as a key competency for health-care practitioners. Health coaching is an evidence-based process that empowers people to tap into their own inner source of motivation to restore and preserve health.

The foundation of health coaching is a strong collaborative partnership between the coach and patient or client. Through a process of supportive guidance on the part of the coach, patients identify their own barriers to behavioral change and find their own intrinsic incentives to making positive change.  Among the core competencies of health coaching are building rapport; helping people clarify their health goals and then implement and sustain health-generating behaviors and attitudes; guiding people in health-maintenance activities; and managing progress and accountability.

In contrast to the disease-management model most commonly found in contemporary Western health care, Tai Sophia Institute’s Health Coaching program focuses on the whole person and views patients as competent and resourceful.  Health coaches help patients recognize their strengths and guide them to see their health concerns in the context of their entire lives, not just their bodies or their symptoms.  Patients learn to recognize their assets, their values, the quality of their relationships, their sense of purpose, and the undeniable connection between mind, body, and spirit.

While health coaching programs are springing up throughout the country, Tai Sophia is setting the gold standard in educating established health-care professionals with a graduate-level academic program to become the highest quality of coaches and preparing them to work in a variety of workplace settings including hospitals, corporations, and schools. A unique and essential component of the Institute’s health coaching philosophy and curriculum is teaching people to become conscious of and listen to the body’s innate wisdom and regard their symptoms as teachers.

Health professionals such as doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists,  and other allied health professionals can easily adopt health coaching into their practices and move beyond disease management to a more comprehensive and integrated approach that supports and fosters health. 

A common concern for health practitioners is how to incorporate health coaching into the existing time constraints in a patient visit.  Although at the outset coaching requires a time commitment to establish rapport and set goals, skilled, well-trained health coaches find that once a trusting partnership is established, follow- up visits can done effectively and efficiently through mindful questioning and astute listening in a relatively short patient visit.

Tai Sophia Institute is a preeminent academic institution for wellness-based education, clinical care, research, and public policy discourse — a multifaceted resource with a commanding vision to define the art and science of wellness. Tai Sophia Institute is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. All of the Institute’s graduate programs are approved by the Maryland Commission on Higher Education.

For over 35 years, Tai Sophia has trained and informed leaders in health, wellness, and sustainable living through transformative and relationship-centered programs infused with a philosophy that integrates the timeless teachings of nature, global healing and wisdom traditions, contemporary knowledge, and cutting-edge science to empower individuals to learn the art of caring for and serving one other through the course of life’s journey.

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