Living Foods USA is committed to bringing the most effective organic sourced foods, nutrients and water to aid in the health and vitality of all.

Living Foods USA is committed to bringing the most effective organic sourced foods, nutrients and water to aid in the health and vitality of all. (Men, women, children, pets alike!) During our 50 years of combined experience we have been trained in the foundations of nutrition and health, including spiritual science in order to be prepared to receive the finest products designed from the brightest minds in the field of health and nutrition. All our products are 3rd party tested for purity and quality, all facilities are practicing the highest GMP standards in FDA registered and approved facilities.

Living Foods USA began bringing the best probiotic whole food to market after seeing its success in the world. Created in Australia by a microbiologist passionate about microorganisms, our probiotics utilize the most advanced science to bring forward the only certified organic probiotic in the world coupled with a mechanism that insures the viability of a full spectrum probiotic that can re-colonize the intestines with the flora that can be obliterated by stress, disharmony and disease. Due to this state of the art mechanism 18-20 amino acids are formed from organic foods predigested by the 13 strains of certified organic bacteria adding additional proteins for repair and regeneration. No other probiotic can boast its ability to on-ferment! (for instance, if a probiotic is viable it should be able to ferment milk into a yogurt type culture).

With the extraordinary success bringing the finest probiotic product to market being supported by numerous testimonials from doctors and patients alike, we were introduced to the freshest organic green barley grass on earth in the nuclear free zone of New Zealand. Due to 85% soil depletion in the USA and the research showing that where the barley grass is grown is critical to the available nutrients within the grass, we found it necessary to bring a pure, unadulterated, finely milled organic green barley grass with no fillers whatsoever to aid the health and vitality of the American public. The response is again amazing. The taste is fresher. People who normally can not tolerate barley grass find this barley grass restorative due to our farmers commitment to harvesting only the embryonic grass. No weeds, no harvesting after jointing when the gluten is forming for the barley grain, and no grain produced by this farm of organic volcanic fields makes our New Zealand Green the best organic green barley grass in the market.

After running the editorial office for the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine: Research on Practice, Policy and Paradigm  for 3 years and continuing on as members of the editorial board, founders Bruce D. Curtis, MA, MDiv and Marianne Lonergan Curtis, CAMT, CFT have been privy to the research and clinical findings of true food state nutrients created by a US company and utlilized in the Bristol Cancer Centre, London, England. Re-Natured® nutrients have been designed by founder Andrew Szalay, PhD who studied under Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent-Gyorgy, PhD. Once Szent-Gyorgy won the Nobel Prize for Vitamin C as ascorbic acid curing scurvy, he realized that ascorbic acid as the active ingredient in Vitamin C actually did not cure scurvy at all and later found that all the critical co-factors, carrier proteins, carbohydrates and lipids where necessary for Vitamin C to be effective. A new mechanism was born and now for the first time in the United States Living Foods USA makes available to us all the nutrients necessary utilizing this new mechanism creating a food state as Re-Natured® vitamins and minerals designed initially by Andrew Szalay, PhD. Numerous research has been done on these Re-Natured® vitamins and minerals showing that all the critical co-factors are present, they are absorbed like food and connect directly to the appropriate receptor sites in the body thus aiding absorption.  Additional research concludes the lack of toxicity in some minerals such as selenium due to the food state; contraindication of Vitamin E with iron, or Vitamin E with those prone to high blood pressure is no longer an issue with these Re-Natured® nutrients. Iron is non-constipating since the iron is Re-Natured® from beet root and in a food state. 

Linus Pauling once stated that “Every disease is rooted in a deficiency of nutrients” Now for the first time in the USA Living Foods USA brings you nutrients that will truly fill the gaps in nutrition so that we can come ever closer to “Let food be our medicine and medicine by our food” as Hippocrates so wisely deduced.

Our continued commitment to bring unique state-of-art products to you that are firmly rooted in science, with nothing artificial whatsoever, continues with our exclusive rights recently secured to bring Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi’s original Hydrogen Producing Water Stick to market.  At last, a portable, inexpensive way to purify your water and gain the heath and beauty effects of the smallest antioxidant in nature, Hydrogen. Most antioxidants create free radicals as they clear away free radicals and so the cycle ensues. With HydrogenRich water once the antioxidant reduces the free radicals of oxidative stress only water is produced. This produces “wetter water” for better hydration, alkalinity and restructured water due to the reducing mechanism of hydrogen rich water. Oxidation is the beginning of disharmony and disease in the body. Now we have the natural solution to reduce oxidation safely, effectively for health and vitality. Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Gyrogy in his 1937 address stated that hydrogen is the best fuel for the body. Watch for more on this at the 2009 Integrative Healthcare Symposium and on the Integrative Practitioner website. Call us if you are interested in learning more and supplying these inexpensive Hydrogen Producing Water Sticks to your patients to aid the efficiency of the protocol you have designed for their health and wellness.

Our passion is to educate our practitioners and customers. Our passion is to help make health the norm for all and disease the exception. Committed to the rigors of science, the objectivity of 3rd party testing and the purity of organics Living Foods USA thanks you for your patronage and participation in education for health which is beauty. 

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