Mark Hyman, MD writes from Haiti about on the ground relief efforts to aid victims of the earthquake.


The horrors in Haiti hit me deeply and the call for doctors, and surgeons and medical supplies to treat the hundreds of thousands of wounded pushed me into action.

There are few times in our lives when we can contribute to something larger than ourselves. Now felt like one of those times for me.

So I have helped pull together the resources and a team and am now in the air over Haiti only because of the support and help of many people.

With my wife, and her father, both French speaking orthopedic surgeons, and a small team of surgeons, nurses and critical care doctors from Mount Sinai in New York, and with the help of the Secretary of State and Paul Farmer, MD, from Partners in Health, we will be one of the first planes of medical specialists on the ground.

We are bringing in other supplies and medical teams, but we need everyone’s help to be successful.  There is need for water, food, shelter, first aid, medical supplies, medication, transportation and more.

If you can give $100,000 or $10, please donate now to:

Partners in Health or Save the Children 

I will let you all know how the relief work goes and tell you what is happening from my perspective on the ground at the center of the crisis as it unfolds.

Remember what Mother Teresa said: “There are not great acts, only small acts done with great love.”

Thank you for your support and kindness,

Mark Hyman, MD

Watch a CBS 60 Minutes video on Partners in Health, Paul Farmer and Mark Hyman in Haiti