John Weeks July 2013 Integrator Round-up covering the topics of Integrative health care policy, research and publications, integrative practice, academic medicine, professions, natural products, conferences, peopl UCLAArts and Healing to offer Social Emotional Arts Certificate Program

UCLArts and Healing, founded by Ping Ho, A, MPH, has announced that it is launching a Social Emotional Arts (SEA) Certificate Program “to empower educators and community arts professionals in maximizing social-emotional benefits of arts experiences, and minimizing self-judgment and anxiety that can impede learning.” The notice states that the program “will be interactive and experiential, and will feature the use of sound, rhythm, movement, and other creative approaches to group behavior management, verbal and nonverbal communication, managing special needs and integration with typical students, identifying and responding to trauma, strengthening personal presentation skills, and evaluating program outcomes.” Trainees that complete all sessions will obtain a UCLA Certificate in Social Emotional Arts Education. Ho’s organization, for which I serve on the board, is a national leader in connecting the arts and healing.

Comment: The links between the healing arts and the application of the arts in healing are rich and deep and not nearly as explored or integrated as one day they deserve to be. Credit Ho’s persistence in elevating her program to this point of offering a formal certification. Check out the UCLArtsandHealing website.