John Weeks July 2012 Round-up on Media, covering updates on:  Grey’s Anatomy takes swipe at naturopathic doctors; Glenn Sabin on the use of social media in growing an integrative medicine practice.

Grey’s Anatomy takes swipe at naturopathic doctors

The television segment that aired on Grey’s Anatomy was called Let the Bad Times Roll. The story, which turned on a cancer, includes a moment when the character Arizona’s friend states that his cancer was unsuccessfully treated by a “naturopath.” As a result, the friend called a “real doctor.” Later in the show there was a second reference. After the patient’s surgery, Arizona confronts the patient and exclaims that the friend should not have gone to some “naturopath in Tibet” who was a quack.

Comment: What added even more insult to the injury of these references to the Grey’s Anatomy audience is purportedly based in Seattle, Washington. There, NDs are: part of the primary care matrix; have broad prescribing rights; are invested in many research initiatives with the the likes of the quackery-coddling University of Washington medical center, Group Health Research Institute, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance; are on staff at Virginia Mason Hospital (awarded as the top hospital of the decade); are regularly receiving referrals for cancer patients from Swedish Hospital via a decade-old relationship; represented on the state’s office of Technology Assessment review committee and etc. More to the point, the Washington state licensing law for NDs requires that they work with oncologists on any cancer case. Oh well, polarization makes for a better story. Or does it? 


Glenn Sabin on the use of social media in growing an integrative medicine practice

Integrative center publicist and consultant Glenn Sabin of Fon Therapeutics has a new post entitled Social Medicine: Opportunity or Risk for Growing Integrative Medicine Practices?  Sabin, an Integrator adviser, begins with a do-no harm section which warns clinicians about what to avoid in the way of legal exposure. He shows himself an advocate, noting that best use of social media can help a clinic “engage, listen and grow.” Sabin notes that the action steps are with the former. The latter follows from that pattern: “Social media is for engagement and storytelling.” How to get going: “The secret is to start with an easily executable strategy and smart tactical plan in place.”