A 54 yo female with IBS and fecal incontinence that was improved dramatically with very simple and easy functional medicine interventions. A 54 yo female with IBS and fecal incontinence that was improved dramatically with very simple and easy functional medicine interventions.Patient is a 54 you G2P2 with a LMP of 2000 presenting with a cc of fecal incontinence as well as a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome x many years. 54FemaleThe goal of the patient is to reduce frequency of IBS episodes (currently 12-16 x per year) because they are accompanied fecal incontinenece. Pt had fecal incontinence ever since vaginal delivery of her last child 1982. She preferred not to have a surgical repair due to the risk of worsening the situation and is undergoing physical therapy with moderate success. She was referred to the Center for Women’s Helath by the physical therapist for a functional/holistic approach to the IBS as convemtional approaches have not been successful. In addition to her IBS, She has anxiety, a Type A personality and the current conventional treatment for her IBS is Zoloft 50 mg/d. She also has osteoporosis, depression and a life-long hx of lactose intolerance. Even so, she never stopped dairy consumption but would drink lactaid milk. Her diet was heavy with coffee, sugar, ETOH (1-2 daily)and lactaid milk as well as cheese. PE non contributory. Lab showed cardio CRP 1.3, celiac panel neg, Vit D 33 A: IBS secondary to diet (dairy) and stress. The plan was a simple was, and this case was chosen because it demonstrates the healing power of simple interventions Plan: eliminate dairy Decrease ETOH consumption to 2 drinks per week Decrease sugar Decrease gluten to 1-2 servings every other day (even though celiac panel was negative) Orthobiotic (Orthomolecular) 1 daily GI Protect (Xymogen) 2 scoops per day in water or juice Vit D 5000 u/d Journal about what she was eating and thinking around her episodes Discussed breathing techniques to combat stress and also advised deep breathing at stop lights. This was a SIMPLE protocol designed to address the inflammation in her gut (by eliminating foods to cause inflammation and adding anti-inflammatory nutrients and probiotics)and the stress in her life (which is proinflammaory in itself) by journaling and practicingf breathing techniques. She cancelled her follow up appointment and two months later called the office. to report Phone call reports NOT ONE EPISODE of IBS or fecal incontinence. Daily BM’s that are normal. TOTAL SUCCESS Is there anything else that you would add? How long would you continue the protocol?